hey! i'm katie. this is my blog for art, of which you will find fandom things, and some non-fandom things as well.

sidebar art by flyingspacetiger!

some art of my two lepitsunes, a closed species belonging to the wonderful Jay

I acquired the new girl on the left tonight, and I’m super in love uvu I need to decide on a name for her. 

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a commission for junebirds!! i really like how this turned out… gosh your ocs are too cute umu <3333 thank you again for commissioning me! ;w; oh and hey guys that means i got some slots open <33

AHHH GOD I’m still delighted with this commission! Absolutely delighted! Thank you again so much for this, it’s always so nice to treat myself and Kim to gorgeous art of our silly otp!!

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I meant to stop this at lines at most but then I went too far. ‘Went too far’ sums up my entire otp as a whole, actually, come to think of it.

(yvannale is mine & kojituu belongs to sarah! 

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For the lovely GAWKI //// I spend a while debating which of your OCs to draw BC they’re all so interesting BUT I WENT WITH THIS CUTIE bc i have a weakness for colorful OCs hehheh I HAD SO MUCH FUN WTIH THIS FALLS OVER 

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zealliart said: lmAO I ALSO RELATE TO THAT LAST ASK i was like wow owoowo ow ow and then i followed back what gorgeous art

COVERS MY FACE AND BURSTS INTO FLAMES??????? I ABSOLUTELY CANNOT DEAL WITH THESE COMPLIMENTS, OH MY GOD!!!!!!! Thank you so much, I can’t put into words how happy this has made me!!!!! ahhh!!!!

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Anonymous said: ugh you're so good you make me want to stop trying


this is gonna sound blunt buuuUT:

1. no artist ever wants to hear this

2. if seeing better art makes you sad/want to quit instead of inspired maybe it is time to stop trying :^)

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torritron said: omg did you mean to follow me your art is so gorgeous???

Aha I absolutely did!!! I love your art to bits and pieces, so it was entirely deliberate! Thank you so much though!!! ♥♥

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you don’t have to be uchi to join the uchi gang!

(also made it available as a shirt!)

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Oxley lacks a fondness for beaches, the sand gets everywhere.

I mostly just wanted to doodle Ox’s alien bugfeets, and also attempt using brown/orange as a central colour with Oxley which is something that I never do….Baby steps!!

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$15 chibi commissions!!


i’m still not feeling well enough to do larger works yet but i tried out some chibis..! i feel like doing more so i figured i’d take a few commissions if anyone was interested ahh /w\

image image

these are shown at full size and are $15 each, but complicated designs/with wings etc will be $20..! 
taking a few slots for now! if you’re interested, please send an email to jaywaltzings@gmail.com with the following information!
Additional details:

Go and commission Jay!!!! She was very kind and drew me a lovely little chibi Laurence (WHICH I CANNOT EXPRESS HOW MUCH I LOVE)!! Thank you again Jay ahhh I love itttt

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